Alec Hartman
Democrat for City Council

New York City Needs Help

Now, more than ever, we need strong leadership to push a progressive
citywide agenda that stands up to the Trump Administration.

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Alec on The Issues

Education: Access & Reform

I believe in expanding the scope and accessibility of educational opportunities for all New York City residents. Fighting for the inclusion and opportunities of all students and families- from Pre-K through college graduation- is one of the most important ways to keep NYC moving forward.

Upcoming Events

10 July

Paws for Alec

11 July

Call-a-thon with Alec!

19 July

Community Board 8: Full Board Meeting

Dear Friends,

New York City is the best place in the world to live and work. We're also the beacon of progress for the rest of the United States. That beacon has never needed to shine as strong as it needs to today. With the looming threat of the Trump Administration to repeal and replace all of the policies and values we've built over the past 8 years the time for action on a local level is very clearly now.

I'm running for City Council in District 4 to help us continue on the path towards unified progress. Simply put, our government needs to work better and more efficiently to serve our needs - and those needs are changing far faster than ever before through new technology and new industries in our city. It's already apparent that the technical debt of the City Council has been a huge roadblock in maintaining and enhancing our public transit, housing, business administration and much more - but with the right leadership we can overcome the technical debt and continue to push for progress.

This election isn't just for a local representative to bring district concerns to the Mayor - we're facing a time of uncertainty and change that has made city government infinitely more empowered to help citizens. Soon, the City Council will be faced with challenges like citywide healthcare, reproductive rights, and the preservation of fundamental human liberties like it has never had before. When that time comes, I pledge to be a steadfast voice for the values we all hold dear and I pledge to fight against every opposing force both local and national to keep alive the American Dream embodied in every New Yorker.